logistics Your partner for Tehnotrans is a company that offers fast, efficient and reliable transportation of shipments, in domestic and international areas, and outsourcing services.
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The basis of our work is the provision of a complete set of logistics services which in addition to organizing any type of transport, also provide customs intermediation, warehousing, handling of goods and advice on the implementation of market practices in choosing the most efficient model for our customers. Thanks to many years of experience, modern technological solutions and the developed international network of partners, our main goal is to simplify the overall logistics process of your company by achieving optimal new costs.

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    The most optimal solutions

    We find the most optimal solutions for your transport and logistics needs, while taking into account the optimization of total costs

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    Safe and fast service

    We provide you with a reliable and fast service tailored to your individual requirements, at extremely competitive prices

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    GPS tracking of shipments

    All vehicles are equipped with software for satellite tracking of shipments in transit (GPS), which enables you complete tracking, control and timely information on the status of your shipment

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    Loyal partner for logistics of your business


    Our mission

    We believe in the selection of quality and professional staff, use of gained experience, use of modern equipment and application of the latest technologies, all in order to provide quality and timely response to all customer needs. Through partnering with clients we learn, grow and develop together.


    Our vision

    Our vision is together with you to reach the leading position in the segment of logistics services in the region.

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    What our customers say

    Exclusive cooperation

    For years I worked  with TEHNOTRANS like an exclusive partner in Italy and I have a connection with various employees with this company. The partnership is very good and cooperative with them.  This collaboration with Tehnotrans   epitomizes our shared values of creativity and innovation.People are always kind and polite. It is a pleasure to work with Tehnotrans and often we add our power to solve together possible problems that on this job are behind the corner.

    Lorenzo Sgatii
    Set Falciani

    Great communication

    Very satisfied with current cooperation with Technotrans. Great communication and support on each level, fast response on each request and on-time delivery of all our shipments. They have customized and flexible transport and logistics solutions according our needs. We kindly recommend to every company which work with small and mid-size shipments. Hopefully, our cooperation will become more and more successful in future.

    Monev Joce

    Вистински професионалци

    Искуството со Технотранс е позитивно. Работата со вистински професионалци во својата дејност е секогаш повеќе од задоволителна. Бидејќи се брзи, прецизни и професионални. Транспортот е секогаш навремен, а робата неоштетена.

    Apollo Makedonija
    Apollo Makedonija


    Технотранс го препорачувам пред се поради професионалноста, организираноста и тоа што секогаш се точни на време. Услугата што ја нудат е професионална, брза и без никакви негативни коментари. До сега во однос на нашата меѓусебна соработка би дале оценка чиста 10ка.

    Виктор Марковиќ

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