We wish you a safe flight with us


Air transport is one of the fastest modes of transport, both for people and goods. If your shipment is to reach its destination quickly, air travel is certainly the fastest and most efficient way to achieve this.

This type of transport is more and more present due to its huge advantages and that is why our team has the ideal solutions for you. Local delivery to a destination from any airport is done in the shortest possible time.

We perform air transport to and from Macedonia in a collective mode of transport. If you need a larger quantity of shipment that is not suitable for group transport, we can pick it up or pick it up from any European airport that specializes in it.

Within our service we offer: 1) Packing, loading and unloading of shipments; 2) Storage of the shipment until the departure of the aircraft; 3) Efficient and safe transportation from / to the airport; 4) Preparation of all necessary documentation; 5) Fast import / export customs service; 6) Arranging the transport with the airlines; 7) Planning the shortest transport route; 8) Monitoring the movement of the shipment from / to the desired destination.

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