More time for your primary business


In the spirit of innovation and guided by the idea of ​​continuous focus on the client, we assessed that we can offer consulting outsourcing services, all in order to “free” them from secondary distribution activities.

Our outsourcing services will provide more targeted engagement of employees in companies. That is why in 2013 we introduced a novelty on the Macedonian market – as a special service we provide our customers with activities related to the distribution function, such as: handling of goods with a forklift, control of entry and exit of packaging, preparation of goods ( picking), packaging selection and are related to this sphere of action.

The benefits for the customers from using this service are manifold: increased efficiency in the operation, increased quality and flexibility in performing the activities related to the distribution function, and most importantly, reduced operating costs and more time for the development of the primary business.

We have top equipment and vehicles, as well as professionals in the distribution business, which we provide to our customers. The staff that we offer at their disposal, the clients are not obliged to hire and there are no additional costs for that.

Our beginnings are marked by 3 employees in this scope of work, today our service activity in the field of outsourcing to count hundreds of professionals from different profiles, such as:

Truck forklift drivers
Drivers of light and heavy trucks
Workers working on packaging selection
Factory input and output controllers
Pikers, ie preparers of goods
Warehouses and warehouse workers
Tape workers
Packers of goods

Due to the growing interest in this service, the number of employees is growing rapidly, and for activities of a seasonal nature, ie in a period of increased need for this type of support, we can hire additional capacity of employees, ie cover work in three shifts.

In addition to hiring staff, we also provide outsourcing of modern and energy efficient vehicles, such as:

Electric forklifts with 2 and 4 forks
Electric pallet jack forklifts
Mechanical hand pallets
Light and heavy trucks

At the same time, the safety of customers, employees and equipment occupies the highest place on the list of our priorities. For these reasons, we pay serious attention to safety and protection at work and constantly strive to meet all safety standards to the maximum. In that sense, we take care of the following activities:

All forklifts are regularly serviced by authorized external service technicians
All drivers have forklift management licenses
All employees own and carry OSH equipment provided by Technotrans in the overall operation process
All employees are subject to regular systematic examinations

For additional security, we have concluded an agreement with an external company for OSH and we have regular cooperation with it.

Tehnotrans has become a recognizable legal entity in offering outsourcing services. This is due to the efficiency and competitiveness that we offer in every segment of operations, ie our services are universal and can be used in different areas of operation. What sets us apart from our competitors is our serious approach to work and clients, flexibility in client needs and timely fulfillment of assigned tasks. Finally, we are especially proud to have a team of dedicated professionals, with a wide range of expertise profiles who selflessly strive to achieve even greater business success for our clients.

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