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Road transport

The wide range of our services includes domestic and international shipping of shipments to and from all countries in Europe. We perform complete transport logistics, as well as all necessary transportation insurance with vehicles from our fleet or with vehicles of our local or foreign partners, with confirmed reliability and time accuracy.

We provide direct land transport throughout Europe, while for overseas transport we offer sea or air transport. Land transportation is what we often organize for our customers.

In addition to complete truck transport (FTL), we provide individual (LTL) and group transport (LCL), depending on the quantity and time frame in which it should be carried out, in order to optimize the costs of our customers.

FTL (Full Truck Load) – Full truck loads refer to shipments that occupy the entire cargo space of the vehicle. At any time we can provide the appropriate type of vehicle depending on your needs. The advantage of this type of transport is the best transit time and the lower probability of damage to the shipment.

LTL (Less then Truck Load) – The partial type of freight transport refers to a larger quantity of shipment, but still insufficient to fill the entire cargo space. The advantages of this type of transport are optimization of the transit time, less probability of damage to the shipments compared to the collective mode of transport

CTL (Collective Truck Load) – The collective way of transporting shipments can be singled out as the most convenient option for transport if the shipment takes up a small part of the cargo space. In that case you only rent part of the load space, as much as you need. The entire cargo space is distributed to all customers in proportion to the needs. All this contributes to a lower cost of transportation. Also with this type of transport you import / export as much as is needed at the moment, which avoids the costs of storage and creation of necessary stocks. All these advantages contribute to this type of transport becoming a key element in the modern supply chain.

Shipments can be picked up from anywhere in Europe within 24 hours. After receiving the shipments, they are stored in three collection centers in Italy, France and Germany. We organize the collective, consolidated transport daily, with weekly departures of the trucks from all three assembly centers.

Express transport – This type of transport refers to shipments not exceeding 1200 kg weight to and from any European destination. We perform this type of transport in 24 hours, with our vehicles equipped with the latest technology and double driver’s crew if necessary. The time and place of pickup / delivery are tailored to your needs and is done door to door. All this contributes to your shipment arriving quickly, efficiently and safely to the desired destination.

Through our wide range of transport services, our portfolio includes over 1500 clients. The excellent results in this field of work, as well as the growing number of partners, are our additional motivation to further develop the transport services, internationally and locally.


Technotrans provides complete and aggregate truck transport with a renowned Italian transport and freight forwarding company “Set Felciani” which laid the foundations of a regular assembly line from Italy to Macedonia with our vehicles.

Over the years, despite product changes as the market evolves, Set Felciani has retained its original characteristics as an international transport and forwarding agent specializing in Eastern Europe.

Today, after 50 years of activity, “Set Felciani” has valuable experience that it has used and fully invested in import / export activity between Italy and Eastern Europe.

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